Treasure Coast Research Park

Fort Pierce

The mission of the Treasure Coast Research Park is to create a legacy for Florida’s future generations, the Treasure Coast Education, Research and Development Authority’s top priority is to attract research organizations that will make an investment in commercial innovation and scientific research. The park will foster new businesses and new employment, the result of which will be a continual expansion of human intellectual capital.

Building a community of innovation is more than road and building construction.

The Treasure Coast Research Park will strive to ensure the region’s economic diversity and security. The park’s mission is to find solutions to society’s biggest challenges and to capitalize on subsequent research opportunities for the benefit of all.

The true strength and vitality of any research park springs from the intellectual curiosity, diversity of outlook and commitment to service of its
researchers, staff, visitors and leaders.  A truly successful park is a partnership of academia, government and business leaders committed to
commercial innovation.

The park’s development strategy is threefold:

•    Prepare shovel-ready sites;
•    Market the park to research decision makers
•   Recruit a network of service providers to meet the need for scientific,
finance and legal resources.


Our park will connect universities with business and the community.  It is a community effort of involvement—and legacy. The park, in essence, is a scientists’ playground.  It is our mission to facilitate that spirit.   In the opening decades of the twenty first century, the park’s leadership visualizes a legacy of commercial innovation, community involvement and contribution to the entire global community.

Ben DeVries, FRICS, CRE

CEO & Executive Director
2199 South Rock Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34945
Tel: 772.467.3107

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